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Spores, Molds, and Fungus

Pop Culture Miscellania

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Moichandise, Part I
Pristine Comics and Collectables is a small, out-of-the-way comic book store in Winnipeg, a town two hours away from my place. Though I didn't visit it often, it was noteworthy for its killer 50% off everything Boxing Day sales, an unthinkable prospect in a larger and more popular store.

On the seventh of January, I ventured to it in hopes of another sale. I did find one, but it was a bittersweet event. For they were moving, all the way to Vancouver. This, the same store where I bought my last major favourite character Transformer long after the trend of comic shops storing used and loose Transformers had passed (BW Megatron), my first piece of Sandman merchandise (the Desire action figure), and the first volume of Revolutionary Girl Utena...gone!

By the time I arrived, the store had been almost entirely scavenged. Formerly bright shelves were packed with dry white boxes of single-issue comics, and there was merchandise scattered everywhere. Overcome with remorse, I tore a chunk from my wallet and placed it, raw and bleeding, upon the counter.

No, I'm not going to tell you what I paid. But at these prices, I could afford to take a few risks. The items were as follows:

Basara: Volume 3

Animum has been raving about this manga ever since I met her on AIM. I was reluctant to pick it up, not because I didn't trust her opinion, but because I was already carrying two large manga series. Well, since all the manga was going at five dollars a pop, I thought I could follow the plot easily enough.

Turned out I could, and I was left with regret that my budget should be so limited. I'm not close to raving about it as Animum did, but it left me with a nice, warm feeling that came from understanding that the writer had done her job well. I'd often thought that I would enjoy girl's manga as a "theme", unlike boy's manga, which I like only for the characters in individual series and find the overraching themes banal.

Bastard!!: Volume 2

Ugh, burn it. Sorry, honeycakes, but there's T&A and then there's turning your manga into a porno, and nothing else you had came close to compensating for this fact. The "humour" was flat, and this allegedly fun and snarky anti-hero was just a low-rent, R-rated Inuyasha. Next stop, used bookstore.

Beast Wars Transformers Lazorbeak

It's a repaint of a character featured in the series, making it junk under ordinary circumstances. However, my recent regrowth of my pterodactyl obsession meant I could spare a dime, and I'm rather fond of the garish purple-with-orange stripes look. Plus he was in good condition for being found in a junky bargain bin of assorted Transformer pieces, only missing his gun. I ended up getting him for free, anyway. Maybe the guy was grateful?

To be continued....

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Glad you liked Basara. (So, you hadn't seen vols 1 or 2?)

I must admit that my first response after reading your post was to pull out vol 3 and flip through it: after I had, my take on your reaction was "Well, of course she was lukewarm! Hardly any Ageha!" :p

Haha. I knew you'd reply here. :)

No, there was only a random assortment of manga there, and #3 was the only Basara volume. *sigh*

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