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Spores, Molds, and Fungus

Pop Culture Miscellania

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Moichandise, Part III
Yes, more heavily discounted stuff from a closing-down comic store.

The Dreaming, assorted issues

I was suckered, but I guess I wanted to be. I'd made a promise to avoid all non-Neil Gaiman written Sandman fiction because, while I don't think it's a law of the universe, I generally don't take well to stories set in a universe not helmed by its creator.

The fellow behind the counter recommended it to me, pointing out that although I'd heard that The Dreaming was bad, The Sandman was itself a mixed bag. Poor man didn't know that I pretty much held The Sandman in sacred status, but I didn't say anything, except to respond, "I liked them," to his charge against the first seven issues being crap. In retrospect, I should have noted that "24 Hours" was also purely terrifying.

The Dreaming continues after The Sandman to explore the inhabitants of Dream's realm, the creatures of nightmare and imagination sometimes derived from old DC comics. Stories span several issues but there is so far no overreaching plot. I don't have a complete arc in the batch that I got, but didn't care very much.

It wasn't as terrible as I feared, but neither was it good. That day a law wasn't broken or even bent; it didn't feel right without Gaiman writing, even when the writers were commendable imitators. Secondly, I misssed Dream. At this point it would be the "Daniel" Dream rather than Morpheus, which would make a difference, but not enough that I would not have liked to see him. Probably the guy at the store would have sniffed at the idea that this could make or break a story, but when there's no one that you care about, why should YOU care?

The clerk wasn't exactly a car salesman type, but he probably inadvertently played on my desire to get back into the world of the Endless for one last time. Fuck me, I should've just bought Endless Nights from somewhere else.

Transformers Fangry

I bought a headless Headmaster for $10. "Headmasters" were a pretty dumb idea; Transformers with little figures who folded up to form their robot heads, the end result being a pain in the ass for anyone seeking out used or loose ones.

But I just wanted a Fangry. In 1987 Transformers started geting really trippy with their animal forms, with creatures that couldn't be summed up in one word; your best hope was often a comparison to an Earth animal with "monster" on the end.

Fangry's even better, though. He can best be referred to as "a dinosaur with a wolf's head and bat's wings", but his arms and head and legs are furred despite him being a pre-Beast Wars Transformer. It's the sheer chimerical oddity of Fangry that ensured that his inability to be a good robot wasn't important. In fact, he's kind of a wash as a robot, with so much stuff on his back that it breaks up his outlines. Plus, his name's cool.

Video Girl Ai

Another shit purchase, made for the primary purpose of scoping out the "competition" when it came to idealised, artificial, human/construct romances. So far everything I've read, from Chobits to Tanith Lee's The Silver Metal Lover has conflict between the human and construct come from without rather than within. I hope to be different, and more importantly good at being different. Looking at this stuff, I don't think I'll have any trouble with the fantasy I'm trying to do based around that concept.

Assorted Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

I got most of these for free, except for the X-Y Dragon Cannon, but even that was astonishingly cheap for a foil purchased at a comic store--just like the Dark Necrophia and Twin-Headed Behemoth that I bought from this store in 2003. The others were all Japanese cards, mostly of ones that I already own in English, except for an owl with a crown, and an eight-armed succubus.