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Spores, Molds, and Fungus

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Nothing Wrong With Just a Little, Little Fun: Turtles Forever and Final Thoughts on the 4Kids Series

I saw Turtles Forever when it first came out, and with my childhood memories of the Fred Wolf series, and my vague knowledge of the 4Kids Turtles and the Mirage Universe, I had a blast.

Now I'm here again, with a surprising re-ignited interest in TMNT, that owes to re-runs on Teletoon Retro and not the new Nick series, to a sudden fascination Baxter Stockman, and an old fascination with Splinter. It lead to watching the 4Kids series, all of which gave me a more solid foundation to go into Turtles Forever than before.

And Turtles Forever remains wonderful. It's blatant metafiction and vigorous fanwanking but made with enough love and conviction that its goofy premise goes down smooth. I've noticed the controversy, but many of the people making these complaints don't seem to "get" the idea of affectionate parody, or to realize that Turtles Forever lets the old characters do plenty.

I enjoy the way this movie starts with the FW Turtles already in the 2003-verse, to excite viewers and save explanations for later, which is often a good way to begin action stories. But there's not much to say about the "plot", because the plot is thin. That's okay, since the movie is mostly just for having fun with a meta crossover.

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