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Weena Mercator
4 April 1984
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I like animation a lot, though I'm in the weird state of being physically unable to love "classic" American cartoons and instead shoot for the modern, action-based fantasy and sf almost every time. My tastes in anime tend to run to the same, and I feel no competition between American and Japanese works, often finding similar appeals in either. Also I like strange, independent animation and have a patriotic devotion to the shorts of the National Film Board of Canada.

I am very, very deeply into books, so much that I don't often write about them, but I'm always reading, and working on original fiction that might someday get published. In this case, I hope to get a job related to categorizing and comprehending this fun ugly language called English, and am currenly enrolled in grad studies to help facilitate that.

What I really want to be is a fiction writer, but you won't hear much on that, either, until something actually gets off the ground.

Comics, I'll write about more often, and as before there's a good dose of the Japanese stuff, which I do not separate.

I also love reptilian things, animesque robots, flawed and geeky fictional characters, pretty boys who kick ass, fluctuating between being a squeeing goober and a proper aloof nerd, and bouncing all over from fandom to fandom.

Currently I'm also working through the later stages of a sudden obsession with the Zentraedi of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and its Robotech-dubbed counterpart. I'm a bit of an odd duck in that I had never seen either rendering until a few years ago, and also because my primary focus is on the human-friendly male Zentreadi from the SDF-1 era, especially Exedore and that I flip back between Macross and Robotech. This lead to a temporary rebranding of my blog as "Zentran Dreams and Stranger Things" on April 5, 2009, but with my Robotech and Macross posts becoming more sporadic these days, I felt it was time to return to a neutral brand as of April 17, 2010.
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